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Fire Blankets Used in areas where personnel are subject to flammable liquid fires, such as in kitchens, paint shops, etc. Also, can be used to cover personnel for safe evacuation in burning areas.

Fire Blanket Wall mount Part # FB64PC
Wool Blanket in a Bag Part # BFB Bag & Blanket
Part # BB1 Bag Only
Part # FBR-2 Blanket Only
Steel Cabinet c/w Wool Fire Blanket Part # FB1 Fire Blanket & Cabinet (Red)
Part # 2FB Fire Blanket Cabinet (Less Blanket)
Part # FBR2 Replacement Blanket for 2FB
Wool Fire Blanket & Cabinet Part # M2FBC Cabinet complete with all items listed below
Part# M2RFC Fire Blanket Cabinet Only
Part # FBR2 Replacement Blanket 62 x 80 (Grey)
Part # M12L Replacement Lock (Keyed-Alike)
Part # M2C Clear Replacement Cover Only

Safety Signs All types and sizes available


Fire Escape Ladders

  Part # 2D 13 ft Ladder
Part # 3D 25 ft Ladder

Fire Axes and Holders

SCBA Units

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