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Products : Portable Fire Extinguishers

Martin’s Fire Safety Ltd. services all types of fire extinguishers either in shop or from our mobile service unit. Also, we supply a comprehensive inventory of ULC approved fire extinguishers including:

  • ABC Dry Chemical
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Pressurized Wet Chemical (Class K)
  • Clean Agents – Halotron & FE-36
  • Purple K & BC Dry Chemical
  • Pressurized Water 
  • ressurized FFFP Foam

The most common extinguishers used are:

  • ABC Dry Chemical extinguishers are the most commonly used extinguisher. It is a multi-purpose extinguisher used on ordinary combustibles like wood, paper, cloth, trash and other ordinary materials (Class A Fires), flammable liquids and gases such as gasoline, oils, paint lacquer and tar (Class B Fires), and fires involving energized electrical equipment (Class C Fires).

  • Carbon Dioxide is commonly used for BC fires such as in computer rooms, & areas with energized electrical equipment where no cleanup or damage to protected property is desired.

  • Pressurized Wet Chemical (Class K) extinguishers are used to protect commercial cooking areas in restaurants & food preparation areas.

  • Clean Agents – The two most commonly used clean agent extinguishers are Halotron and FE-36.
    • Halotron is a clean agent that when discharged exaporates rapidly and leaves no residue. It extinguishes both Class A & B fires by cooling and smothering the fire and it does not conduct electricity back to the operator.

    • FE-36 is clean, electrically nonconductive, environment friendly, extremely low in toxicity, and exceptionally effective

Some of the brands of extinguishers that we can supply include:

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