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Products : Fire Suppression Systems

Our Fire systems are ULC/CCG approved for:

  • Restaurant/Galley Applications The kitchen extinguishing agent is a fire suppressant which suppresses cooking grease fires both through saponification and cooling.
    • Hazards and equipment that can be protected using wet chemical extinguishing systems include the following:
      1. Restaurant, commercial, and institutional hoods.
      2. Plenums, ducts, and filters with their associated cooking appliances.
      3. Special grease removal devices
      4. Odor control devices
      5. Energy recovery devices installed in the exhaust system.
    • Most common type of cylinder and extinguishing agent we use is the Amerex KP wet chemical extinguishing agent with a KP cylinder of a calculated weight/size.
    • We supply and install Amerex, Rangeguard & Safety First wet chemical fire systems to meet ULC 1254.6 and UL 300.
  • Clean Agent Inerting Systems for Computer Rooms:
    • FM-200 - Effective on Class A, B, and C fires, FM-200 extinguishes fires quickly through a combination of chemical interaction and physical heat removal.
    • NOVEC 1230 Is an environmentally acceptable clean agent which requires nocleanup, causes no damage to protected equipment and extinguishes fires before any damage is done.
    • FM-200 NOVEC1230
    • CO2 Type Fire Suppression System for Marine Engine/Generator Rooms
    • CO2 systems are designed to meet requirements of Transport Canada, DNV, ABS & Lloyds Register.
    • Inergen System - Does not conduct electricity, it will leave no residue to clean up, its temperature remains stable during discharge, and it emits no corrosive decomposition products. Therefore it is a good choice of protection for computer rooms.
  • Generator/Turbine Enclosures, and Radio Sites Use FM200, NOVEC 1230, or Inergen
  • Off-Road Vehicle Applications Use dry chemical system
  • Paint Spray Booths Use dry chemical system

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