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Products : Fire Extinguisher & Hose Cabinets

We supply all types & sizes of fire extinguisher cabinets which vary with the size of the extinguisher. Some different types of fire extinguisher cabinets include:

Recessed or Semi-Recessed Extinguisher Cabinets These cabinets offer durable, safe and practical storage of a wide range of fire extinguisher types and sizes.   Flush Mounted Extinguisher Cabinets These cabinets can be used for 5, 10, and 20 lb dry chemical fire extinguishers and offer a cleaner look then most other cabinets.   Classic Surface Mounted Fire Extinguisher Cabinets - Designed for theft and vandalism protection in parking areas, schools, and mechanical rooms to safely store fire extinguishers.
Chief Fire Extinguisher Cabinets We supply all sizes in red and white. This cabinet cannot rust, has no glass to shatter and is flame retardent.   Fiberglass Extinguisher Cabinets Designed for all types of fire extinguishers and are designed to protect fire extinguishers from exposure to harsh UV rays, chemicals, moisture, dust, salt air, insects, and temperature extremes.

Some different types of fire hose cabinets include:

  • Knight Recessed Cabinets This cabinet is the standard in fire equipment storage. Doors rotate a full 180 degrees and can be site adjusted for left or right door swing. All edges are ground and rounded for safety. Can be adjusted for semi-recessed and are designed for strength, safety and durability.
  • Models Dimensions
    Knight 100-1 22 x 30 x 6
    Knight 100-2-6 30 x 30 x 6
    Knight 100-2 30 x 30 x 8
    Knight 200-1 20 x 30 x 8
    Knight 200-2 30 x 30 x 8
  • CS Series Surface Mounted Similar to recessed, the frame section can be removed and adjusted for left or right door swing. All edges are ground and rounded for safety.
  • Models Dimensions
    CS-200 20 x 30 x 8
    CS-400 22 x 30 x 6
    CS-800 30 x 30 x 8
    CS-800-6 30 x 30 x 6

    Note: CS-800 & CS-800-6 can hold a 20 lbs and 10 lbs extinguisher along with the hose respectively.

Some of the brands of fire hose cabinets that we carry include:
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